Pregnancy Rates For Lesbians And Bisexuals On Rise

pregnant belly

A study says lesbian and bisexual teens are more baby-prone. Nobody was expecting that.

The Advocate recently released a rather oxymoronic article touting that lesbian and bisexual teen girls are more likely to get pregnant than heterosexuals. Wait. Isn't that the one risk factor you eliminate by having sex with your own gender? Methinks these girls aren't actually lesbians. But then again, how sexually evolved were any of us in junior high and high school? It's sort of a horny free for all that bleeds over into college and those first few drifter years afterward.

The results were based off 30, 000 seventh to twelfth graders living in British Columbia during the years of 1992, 1998, and 2003. While the majority of the respondents were heterosexual—thus statistically most of the pregnancies were from teenagers who identified themselves as straight—more girls who checked off "bisexual" or "lesbian" reported pregnancies overall.

In 1998 for example, 10.6% of those who said they were bisexual got pregnant and 7.3% of those purporting to be lesbians. On the flipside, only 1.8% of heterosexual girls had babies.

Interesting but why? Are bisexual and lesbian girls hypersexual? More needy for love and thus looking for it from whomever will dole it out?

Elizabeth Saewyc, lead author of the study, would think the above questioning isn't giving these girls enough credit. Rather, she says, having sex with guys is a way of camouflaging the same-sex attraction. Lesbian and bisexual girls overcompensate by being promiscuous as a way to fit in, she says.

Hm. Sort of like the old cliche about homophobic guys secretly harboring some deep seeded, shameful attraction to other men?

Speaking of gay and bisexual guys, which appeared at first to get a pass in the study, the last sentence is such an ominous curveball one would wonder why it wasn't addressed earlier:

The study also found an increased likelihood that boys would cause pregnancy if they identified as gay or bisexual.

Hold up, hold up. So in this particular pocket of British Columbia it's the gay guys knocking up the lesbians?  Sheesh. We've all heard of unsatisfying sex but that's just ridiculous. Our condolences.