Is Vince Vaughn Getting Engaged?

Vince Vaughn

Rumors are flying that the funny man is ready to tie the knot.

It looks like one of Hollywood’s eternal bachelors might be ready to settle down. Celebitchy has news of Vince Vaughn buying a rather hefty engagement ring (four carats – the boy ain’t cheap) for his girlfriend, Kyra Weber and is planning on popping the question over the New Year’s holiday. The note says that Vince is ready to settle down and start a family.

Well, if this was supposed to be a surprise, it looks like the cat’s out of the bag, so, um, congratulations, Kyra! You’re getting an engagement ring. Try to act surprised and find out who the blabbermouth is so you can shut them down before you start planning the wedding.

It seems like Vince might be following the Justin Long I-will-no-longer-date-celebrities route as Kyra is a former real estate agent from Calgary and was reported to have recently moved to Los Angeles to follow her heart. You might remember that Vince has famously dated Jennifer Aniston among other Hollywood actresses and has been known to be quite a Hollywood player. Usually your mama would tell you to get the ring first but it seems like girlfriend knew what she was doing because it looks like it might be on the way! 

This might be the perfect demonstration of the theory from Sex and the City about men being ready to marry. Miranda famously had a theory that men are like cabs and when they’re not available or interested in long-term relationships, their light is off but when they decide that they are ready to settle down and get married, their light comes on and the next woman they pick up, they marry. Maybe when Vince met Kyra, he was ready and his light was on. In which case, mazel tov, you two crazy kids!

Of course, if this is just a rumor, that’s fine.  The cab theory still works.

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