Nicole Kidman Cursed To Infertility

Nicole Kidman and Thomas Gottschalk

From playing the didgeridoo, Nicole Kidman may be barren, says Aborigine.

It appears that the healing fertility waters of Kununurra may have to outdo themselves in the near future. While promoting the film Australia (we think it's about Vienna), Nicole Kidman and the 11th Sexiest Man Alive (so says YourTango) Hugh Jackman went on German TV and Kidman played the didgeridoo, reports Celebutopia. The didgeridoo is a wooden trumpet-like instrument played by Australia's Aborigines. They believe the instrument should only be played by men (like the saxophone in America) and that a woman will go barren if she's to play the massive pipe.

In the Aboriginal culture(s), dudes play the big, wood pipe and women keep rhythm with 'clapsticks.' All well and good, but why do the original people in an area have to be called Aboriginal? Typically, in English, 'Ab' means either stomach muscle or 'anti.' There's a good chance that many of the natives of Australia were totally cut when the boat carrying English convicts arrived, but we think they don't mean it that way. Weird, right?

Back to Nicole Kidman, we're guessing that she probably knew about the prohibition of women playing the didgeridoo when she went on the show but those German TV (in this case, Thomas Gottschalk) hosts will push the boundaries and will stomp on any taboo in the name of ratings. And Australians are among the world's nicest people (despite the convicts thing*), so naturally she obliged. Though she claims to believe in the magic of the healing waters of Kununurra, maybe she takes more of an a la carte approach to Aboriginal beliefs and mythology. Though we've always felt that if you were in for a penny you were in for a pound, we appreciate anyone who has the gall to pick and choose what she believes. It is the best of all worlds, really.

Let’s just hope that she avoids naming the dead or ever speaking directly with her future son-in-law. It's worth noting that the taboo of women playing the didgeridoo has been violated pretty frequently lately and has even resulted in some pretty impressive record sales. No word on whether or not these Eve Enslers have become infertile.

*There were probably some administrators and others who weren't of the Abel Magwitch school of arch criminal. Also, the state of Georgia was founded as a debtor’s colony and a buffer in front of the Spanish in Florida; and, to our knowledge, Georgians are no more inclined to owe money or shield South Carolinians from bloodthirsty Spaniards than any other American.

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