Madonna & Guy Settlement: Not So Fast

Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Liz Rosenberg evidently dropped the ball on Madonna & Guy's settlement.

It appears this Liz Rosenberg of Madonna mouthpiece fame done up and done it and now has DListed to deal with. The news regarding Madonna and Guy Ritchie's divorce settlement appears to have been a bit premature (pre-muh-tour, as our 3rd grade teacher said). Accordingly, a joint statement was issued from both the Guy Ritchie and Madonna camps and went something like this (we're paraphrasing):

What you dudes wrote was wrong. And despite being told by a person who works for us, in an official capacity, we say shame on you, media. You know we're real people, we’re not just here for your amusement and famous-making. We're going to keep the details of our divorce settlement absolutely quiet until it benefits us to do otherwise. And we're doing all of this for the kids, whom we co-parent.
Madonna's PR Team (with Guy Ritchie's implied oral consent)

DListed, furious that we were used and abuse and lied to, has an interesting theory regarding Liz Rosenberg's settlement statement. That it was totally fabricated to make Guy Ritchie look like a gigolo. Interesting.

Our theory is that the statement was complete and factual. But Madonna's side released it before Guy Ritchie was comfortable letting anything out. And after it was out, he flipped and threatened to be a real hard-ass about custody of the boys (Rocco and David) unless someone was hung out to dry. In the UK, there is a pretty good chance that, depending on the ins, outs and whathaveyous that Guy Ritchie could get even more than the £50-60 million reported earlier. It is utterly unfathomable to us that the initial release to the press was a mistake. These people are too good at playing the media like a kazoo to eff up like this. Way to take one for the team, Liz Rosenberg.

In other "news," Madonna's former lover and father of her daughter, Carlos Leon, says thinks Guy Ritchie is a true ‘gent,’ per Digital Spy. Sweet, as long as "gent" is short for "gentleman" and not "gentled." He goes on to say that he prefers Guy Ritchie's films over Madonna's (Oh, you think so, doctor?). We're guessing that he prefers Madonna's music and Guy Ritchie's smart black suits while he's comparing. He speaks with daughter Lourdes on the daily so you’d guess that he has a more or less unique view on this boogie down (not to mention the relationship he had with Madonna that bore them their offspring).

Thoughts on the 'inadvertent' bean-spilling yesterday? Do you think it was an honest mistake or something more diabolical?

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