YourTango's Best Sex Of 2008

YourTango Best Sex 2008

Our steamiest revelations, most fearless sexual reporting and best sexpert advice of 2008.

YourTango had some great sex this year. That is, we published some great sex stories. (We also had some excellent between-the-sheets time as well, but we'll save that discussion for another time...)

In 2008 we learned about the female happy ending massage (they exist, but you have to know where to look); how to keep your sex life strong when you've got wee ones running around (domesticity it seems, can kill your sex drive); sex parties—from the perspective of club owners and a first-time party-goer, (they're both more and less scandalous than you think); the male orgasm (they sometimes fake it!); anal sex (don't like it? you might be doing it wrong); and masturbation (because what's a year in sex without an exploration of, to paraphrase Woody Allen, sex with someone you love?). Below, in alphabetical order, YourTango's best sex of 2008.

A Girl's Guide to Anal Sex
Get the goods on joining the backdoor betty club.

Dr. Hilda Hutcherson loves sex toys, believes the world is much too pornophobic, and thinks more women should give anal sex a try. In other words, she's the gynecologist every guy wants his  girlfriend to meet.

Women who don't enjoy anal sex, she says, are probably doing it wrong. Intrigued, I scheduled an 8 am consultation with the doctor to get the goods on joining the backdoor betty club.

Are Sex Parties The New Vibrator?
What happens when a virgin partygoer spends a Saturday night swinging?

I walk down the street, passing clumps of smokers spilling from nearby nightclubs, looking for the private address I'd been given earlier. It takes two passes to find the right place, and then a friendly face at the door asks my name. I feel a sudden desire to whisper a pass phrase, like "melba toast" or "caffeine jitters," but instead I step inside and climb the long wooden stairway so typical of San Francisco's Victorian flats.

Esther Perel Key To A Sexy Marriage
The secret to a happy marriage, as described by a wise sex therapist.

In this video, couples therapist and author Esther Perel discusses her book, Mating in Captivity, which helps couples reconcile the domestic and the erotic.

Female Happy Ending Massage
Satisfaction guaranteed? One writer finds out, firsthand.

Chances are you’ve heard the story: an unmarked door leads to a dimly-lit  massage parlor where women with strong hands and tolerant smiles await a train of libidinous male patrons. The "happy ending" tale is all too common, a mixture of truth and urban legend that captivates male imaginations even in an age of casual sex and unlimited Internet porn.

How To Have Sex In Public
A guide to quickies outdoors or in a bar can be quite fun.

Seventy percent of both women and men fantasize about it. Some are turned on by the risk of getting caught; others simply want the novelty of taking the bedroom show on the road. You may want a springtime romp in a field of flowers or a quickie in a bar bathroom, but in the end, sex in public—like real estate—is all about one thing: location location location.