Aubrey O'Day Goes Gay?

Aubrey O'Day

Perez Hilton says Aubrey O'Day has a girlfriend.

The gossip gang member, Perez Hilton, has reported that singer Aubrey O'Day is a gay. His exact words are "[Aubrey O'Day] has sparked lesbian rumors yet again with a certain plus-one she's allegedly been introducing as her 'girlfriend.'"

P-Nasty thinks that this move could be just a matter of Aubrey O'Day ripping a page from Lindsay Lohan's playbook regarding fame upkeep, and in the words of Colonel James, "Oh, you think so, doctor?" Someone goes on a reality television show to become part of a made-up band (Danity Kane) mentored by Diddy, acts 6 kinds attention-starved, alienates the band, thinks she's better off alone (thanks Alice DJ) and eventually really missed the tutelage and star-magnetism of Sean Combs. Though, she did have a turn on Broadway in the musical Hairspray, it's hard to argue that her star hasn't dimmed considerably since leaving Danity Kane.

Not more than 3 months ago she was spotted with Donnie Wahlberg and rumored to be dating the New Kid (she denies the thing about them dating) and even told the relatively straight-forward Complex, about 2 months ago, that she makes boyfs delete sex tapes. While most people were focused on the "sex tapes" portion, we're kind of digging into the boyfs part (not literally) and that it was only like 2 months ago. Hmm and who cares and what the hell happened to Jesse McCartney?

Perez Hilton mentions a couple times that, as a "gayelle," she digs the female anatomy. Again, brilliant observation for which the intern who wrote it certainly deserves a gold star. You don't get to be "Hollywood's Most-Hated Website" by pulling punches or leaving anything to the imagination. Oh, because she's evidently gay now, she likes fooling around with women. Got it. Sweet, thanks. And we finally understand their headline, "Aubrey O'Gay" because her name is Aubrey O'Day and she may be homosexual. Doy, sorry that it took us so long.

We suppose that Aubrey O'Day gets props for knowing which buttons to push and how to remain relevant and keep her tiny heiny in the gossip blogs. It's gotta be almost as exhausting being famous for the sake of being famous as being famous for doing something awesome. Any bitterness you're sensing on this end is probably being projected by you yourself sir or madam. Fine, we could do with a little more adulation.

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