Wedding Day Disasters

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Unexpected wedding hiccups give brides and grooms a new perspective on marriage.

Sophie Clarke had been planning her wedding day for three years. Every detail was in place, including the fairy-tale touch of a horse-drawn carriage transporting her to the site of the ceremony. Turns out, the reality was not anywhere near the fantasy the British bride had in mind.

The horse pulling Clarke's dream carriage bolted on the way to the church, ousting the driver. With the bride and her father still in the open-air carriage, the horse continued galloping, eventually crashing into a car and losing Clarke and father from the back before settling down to graze in an open pasture.

Clarke was taken to a hospital and treated for a concussion—an ending very different from the one she'd orchestrated for her wedding day.

"I had a life-changing experience. It put into perspective for me that all of the fancy things, the posh invites and parties are not important," Clarke told the Daily Mail.

A friend of Love Buzz was recently married a day late after her fiance fell violently ill on their wedding day. The bride and both families spent the night at the hospital with the sick groom while the wedding reception continued without them. As one guest reported, the family of the bride did not want their expensive party to go to waste. The couple was married the following day in a small ceremony.

The first year of marriage is notoriously tough, but for couples whose wedding days have gone awry, perhaps the shift in perspective helps them get over that hump. In any case, having a disaster wedding day certainly keeps the post-wedding blues at bay.

As Clarke said, "I had spent three years planning the ceremony and had even made handmade invitations. But none of that seems important any more. I am just so glad to be alive."