Madonna and Guy Together For Christmas

Buzz, Heartbreak

The twosome cook up some countryside drama for the kids.

It is truly beginning to look a lot like drama for Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Perez Hilton reports that the newly divorced couple will spend Christmas in the English countryside per Guy’s request. Guy evidently really wants to give his kids a traditional English Christmas, complete with turkey and trimmings, although all the food will be organic per Madonna’s insistence. The best part of this story is this quote from the insider: “She will, however, be eating a different meal as she will only eat fish. She will also be working out on Christmas Day.”

That comment is only funny because it relives a lot of the gossip that came out after they broke up as to what caused the split: that she sleeps in an anti-aging plastic bag, worked out so much that they did not have sex for ages and the infamous child visitation list of demands. So, while the rest of us will be resting up after Christmas turkey and chilling out watching football, Madonna will be on the treadmill or in her Pilates studio, trying to show Father Time who is boss.

This brings up a lot of issues with couples who spend time together for the sake of the kids. Is it really a good idea for the parents to spend holidays together as a family when you know that you, in fact, are no longer such an item? Is it really a good idea to spend a holiday together when your custody details are still not decided? Kids are really smarter than you think and they pick up on more of what you do rather than what you say. Children read into emotions rather than actions and if Guy and Madonna still have not resolved the issues that led them to the bitter snipes they passed going into the divorce, I cannot imagine Madonna spending time in an English country manor when she already has a foot out the door is going to be incredibly comfortable for anyone.

I imagine they will make the best of it, but we might be reporting the damage done from this little holiday gathering after the holidays and the kids might be talking about this in therapy for years to come.