Whitney Port Prefers NY Guys


The Hills star says she likes decisive NYC guys to LA dudes.

Singles ladies, all the single ladies, head’s up.  Us Magazine reports that Whitney Port thinks there are better choices of men here in New York City!  The star, previously of MTV’s The Hills and soon to be the star of the new MTV Hills spinoff, The City, recently sat down with Page Six Magazine to talk about her experiences moving to New York City and she has nothing but good things to say, especially about her love life. Port says, “I was recently in L.A., and I couldn’t help but think, 'Oh my gosh, everyone is kind of the exact same here…You have all these guys in the entertainment industry who are just trying to be smooth and super-cool…The guys [in New York] are [still] trying to be cool -- guys do that everywhere -- but they're more confident and they know what they want.”  Port has been cozying up to musician Jay Lyon since she came to NYC during this season’s shooting of The Hills and the two are quite the item, with reports saying that she took him home to meet the family over Thanksgiving. Hmm, he might be serious.  Might be.

As a New York City single woman, I think Whitney’s perspective is very interesting.  I think it is very true that Manhattan men are very driven and determined, which is true of basically anyone who lives here.  They have to be to even be noticed by women here.  Everyone in New York is the best at what they do and when you put the entire population of the best into one area, a lack of confidence will send you crying home to Mama.  I agree they are driven and determined and that they know what they want when they see it.  I’m pretty sure being a reality television star and being a gorgeous blonde with legs up to her armpits does not hurt her chances.

I do have to warn her that Manhattan men are also like every other man, which is to say that they may know what they want but they are also quite prone to change their mind without notice.  Living in a city where you could potentially run into and date a model or some gorgeous female who might be just around the corner finds them somewhat distracted and not even a little more likely to be noncommittal.  It is true in other cities, of course, but in Manhattan it is especially true and a reason a lot of Manhattan women find dating frustrating here.  Hang around long enough to hit your 30’s and you will see what I mean.  After all, six seasons of Sex and the City were founded on four single women in Manhattan and their experiences dating Manhattan men. The shoes and the apartments might have been fantasy but the relationships were dead-on accurate portrayals.  This is not to say that New York women have not adapted.  We employ the pair and a spare principle when heading out there now.

Welcome to Manhattan, Whitney.  We hope you enjoy your stay and have tons of fun here.  Just remember, everything seems more exotic when you are new.  Live here for three years and go through a couple of relationships.  Then we can talk.