Have Sex Like A Greek Goddess

Have Sex Like A Greek Goddess

Think about it: would you rather spend a Friday night at home catching up on Family Guy or having sex like a Greek goddess?

All you need is a Twister board and a stopwatch to put on your own version of original Olympic games. Or maybe channel your inner Israeli "Warrior Princess" and bring some body paints to the bedroom? If you're into role-playing, practice the French "Cing a Sept" and have your man treat you like his mistress instead of his mate.

Laura Corn, seduction expert extraordinaire and New York Times bestselling author, offers 52 orchestrated sex-narios in her new book, Passport to Pleasure (Simon Spotlight Entertainment). The book brings bedroom traditions from around the globe together for a mere $30—slightly less than what a 'round the world trip costs these days. Corn's collection of seductions lets you play out a Belgian panty hose fantasy without having to worry about possible hotel bedbugs. Celebrate Carnaval Brazil-style with your man, plenty of lube and, if all goes as planned, multiple orgasms in honor of Esperantina, Brazil, where a councilman proposed Orgasm Day be instituted.

While some of the fantasies side silly rather than sexy, the book's surely a good starting point for having a frank sex talk. Each setup is sealed into the book's binding (a design flaw, in our opinion, as they're hard to tear out) and labeled with signs indicating approximate cost and necessary props. Each scenario features "Sexy Stats" about the inspiring country or the act itself. As "No. 52 The Laura Corn Challenge" reveals, the most popular female fantasy is for a man to take control in the bedroom and add "a few unexpected kinky touches." Barbara Walters said "no one knows more about the art of seduction" than Corn; she might be right.

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