Pete Wentz Loves Ashlee’s Breasts

Pete Wentz Loves Ashlee’s Breasts

The new father starts his list of things he loves about Ashlee at the top.

A new submission in dudes saying slightly embarrassing things news: Pete Wentz loves his wife Ashlee Simpson’s breasts. Us Magazine reports in a recent interview with E! Daily 10, when the interviewer asked what Wentz liked most about his new wife and the mother of his new son, Bronx Mowgli, he said, “I would start with the breasts.”  He then did go on to say, “Ashlee is the kind of person that understands me in a way that other human beings don't understand each other," he says. "I would say that we fit together kind of like Lego pieces, and that's how we're able to communicate.”

What is it with the guys attached to the Simpson family making weird comments about breasts? First, Jessica Simpson’s father made that weird comment about her having DD breasts, now Ashlee’s husband makes his first comment about her in an interview about her breasts? This obsession with breasts is just annoying and juvenile…and just a little creepy.

Ever had someone you love say something embarrassing about you? How do you handle it when your husband or significant other says something that leaves you blushing? This season with couples heading to cocktail parties and family gatherings, someone you love might let something slip that could embarrass you so how do you deal with the situation?  Usually, the key is to diffuse the situation as quickly as possible by gently changing the subject or easing the conversation into another direction. Try to confront the person as gently as possible with “You know, what you said back there is really very personal and it embarrassed me. Can we keep that between us the next time?” It is gentle, effective and respectful of the person who made the error. It might be one of the keys to a happy marriage.

Although, if you married a rock star who flatirons his hair, wears guyliner and shoots his mouth off a lot, I suspect you have quite a bit of practice diffusing difficult or embarrassing situations.



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