The Padma Lakshmi Husband Drive

The Padma Lakshmi Husband Drive

Gawker wants to find Padma Lakshmi a husband.

As part of their wrap-up of the season finale of a show called Top Chef (it may be The Top Chef, we can't be sure), Gawker was dismayed at the single status of the show's lead, Padma Lakshmi. Usually we think of the writers and editors at Gawker as snark-spewing, clever gremlins, but they're really people; like you, us and Apollo Creed (yes, he is quite a character).

So Josh Stein has taken it upon his, clearly, broad and strapping shoulders to get Padma Lakshmi married up. It's a noble goal. The hostess (with the roast-ess) has not been married in what seems like a fortnight but has really been a solid 16 months and 0 death decrees since she and Salman Rushdie cried Chacha* on their marriage. Since her split with Rushdie, she has been seen in the company of Ted Forstmann and Adam Dell, both billionaires pre-economic downturn.

Gawker developed a pretty detailed personal ad for Princess Padma but it seemed a little too complex, so we took a shot at it:

Sexy Sub-Continenter ex-model w/ TV show seeks billionaire or literary luminary or really cool dude for companionship/marriage. Looks not important & am cool, racially. Send CV & balance sheet.

But Gawker really outdid themselves was on their video. They didn't bother with that nasty embed code, so we can't rebroadcast on our end. It's worth a looksie Lakshmi . Also, start brainstorming about who we can find for her, a Roth or a Rothschild will suffice. And after you comment here, let Gawker know your ideas, it's their brainchild.

*Chacha means father's brother in Hindi.

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