Gwyneth & Chris Martin To Do Xmas In UK

Gwyneth & Chris Martin To Do Xmas In UK
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Is Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's marriage in need of saving?

It has not been an easy go of it for Chris Martin lately. And it can all be traced back to Paul Rudd telling Seth Rogen that he was gay because he liked Coldplay in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Before that, things were pretty sweet for the English alt-rocker.

He'd married Gwyneth Paltrow and we didn't bat an eye because we thought that she was English despite parents Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow being as American as you, us or Obama. They even had a baby with a goofy name (Apple) and everyone thought it was precious. He even had a turn in the zombie spoof/homage Shaun Of The Dead. Oh and he fronted a little band called Coldplay to international stardom, drawing comparisons to U2, Oasis and Radiohead. In short, things were pretty sweet.

But in 2005 Paul Rudd delivered his innocuous little jab and created the first fissure in the house of Martin. A regular guy left the theater thinking, "That was hilarious and I can't let my friends know that I have "Yellow" on my iPod." The albums X&Y and Viva La Vida have kicked butt commercially but left some critics a little disappointed (let it be said that a bunch of serious critics are serious jerk and Viva La Vida may yet do some Grammy damage). There was some backlash about their first baby's name because other celebs went the non-Biblical route and people tired of something that was once so novel. Then Gwyneth got Madonna's back in the Guy Ritchie divorce fiasco and all of us were like, "Dang, is something up with Chris and Gwyn, because he needs to show some solidarity with his fellow Englishman and get his ho on a leash*." Then there were rumors of them (Martin and Paltrow) spending time apart and we chalked it up to his busy touring schedule. And then there was the Joe Satriaini plagiarism lawsuit on top of all that. It's been a tough few years since Paul Rudd's thoughtless laming of Coldplay. But he had a rock in Gwyneth Paltrow.

Or not. According to the Daily Star, things are looking rough for the couple. They say that Gwyneth is heading back to Merry Olde for Christmas to "save the marriage." First of all English tabloids make ours look like toothless bastions of truth. Second, it is never a good sign if you have to do something to "save" your marriage. She claims that things are cool but there is a bit of "doth protest too much" in her reassuring words. What do you think? Is all well with Princess Gwyneth in Coldplay castle or has some nefarious 4-year plan by Paul Rudd come to fruition? We think a "saved" marriage would be pretty sweet and much better than a pair of Macraméd jean shorts.

*We don't condone leashing anyone, hos included, against their will; The 40 Year Old Virgin made us write it.

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