Andrew Cuomo Dating Sandra Lee

Andrew Cuomo Dating Sandra Lee

Andrew Cuomo has a Food Network girlfriend.

Nobody does it like Sandra Lee. Per Celebrity Mound, the Food Network starlet is dating Andrew Cuomo, the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. The two were most recently seen out at Andrew Cuomo's 51st birthday party in NYC's South Street Seaport. The action was star-studded with Tony Bennett on hand. It seems like that guy can party, "I like things that are great."

Outside of being the scion of a powerful NY political family, Cuomo once married into the Kennedy family. He and Kerry Kennedy were married nearly 20 years ago but have subsequently split. He was also the HUD (Housing And Urban Development) Secretary during Bill Clinton's second term. And to further his pedigree as a Democratic dynamo, he was Eliot Spitzer's successor as the NY State Attorney General. Which may mean that he doesn't mind the occasional hummer on the sly (and who does mind them?).

You may be hearing his name more in the near future as a filler for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat as she takes over the State Department. We can't decide if filling a Senate seat is more admirable than filling out semi-homemade meals with pre-packaged foods. We guess that depends on whether you think filibusters or preservatives are more of a problem.

Is it just us or is there something incredibly sexy about every person on the Food Network including Paula Deen? Oh God, we hope that this is more about food fetishism inspired by Nine ½ Weeks than something we'll need to eventually iron out with Dr. Freud.

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