Shania Twain In Love Quadrangle?

Shania Twain In Love Quadrangle?

Shania Twain may be dating husband's girlfriend's husband.

How often does this happen outside of a soap opera? According to the San Francisco Gate's Daily Dish (brilliant name for a gossip column), Shania Twain may be dating Patrick Thiebaud (note: we're pretty sure his name is Frederic Thiebaud). Amazing, right? Oh, you probably don't know who Frederic Thiebaud is (or Patrick, for that matter). How about his wife Marie-Anne Thiebaud? No? OK, how about Mutt Lange? Vaguely? OK, Mutt Lange is a super-producer of rock and country music. He also married Shania Twain after producing her album Come On Over back in the '97. They hit it off, got married, moved to Switzerland and generally kicked. Then he allegedly affair-ed it up with the manager of his Swiss homestead, Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Are we on the same page now?

Evidently, the pair was spotted arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport in the Queens Borough of New York City at the end of last week. There is no evidence that dude is actually dating Shania Twain but generally when a cuckold and a cuckquean get together, it's generally not to plan surprise birthday parties for their estranged spouses. They've got getting even on their minds 1 way or the other. While fighting fire with fire (in this case sex fire) is pretty rewarding, revenge is sometimes best served cold. So, maybe Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud just enjoy each other's company and want to make sure that they have all the information possible when it comes time to make their likely divorces successful. Or maybe they see in each other what the once saw in their spouse. We suppose it's better when, man, you feel like a woman than when something don't impress you much.

While we're on the topic of recovering country music stars who are moving on with their lives, it looks like Kenny Chesney is turning things around. You may remember Kenny Chesney as the country superstar who swept Renee Zellweger off her feet, who in kind swept their marriage under the rug a few months later. Must not have been meant-to-be. He's since written a new album using his pain as country music fuel, won ACM's entertainer of the year for a 4th consecutive time and started dating someone new. The Tennessee native has done what every dude from a sunshine-y state aspires to do: date a Miss America representative from his home state. His new squeeze, Amy Colley, is 24 and once was Miss Tennessee. Good times. Wait. We just realized that Amy Colley was actually in the Miss USA pageant. We guess that's OK too. Word on the street is that they've been dating since August per the Post Chronicle. Be careful with the Post Chronicle article, the writer may be wielding a sun-powered torch for Amy Colley, don't get burned.

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