Jen Aniston Wants John Mayer for His Mind

Jen Aniston Wants John Mayer for His Mind
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The actress falls into the musician trap with her rocker boyfriend.

We all know that women love musicians (particularly lead singers and guitar players) and it appears that Jennifer Aniston is the latest woman to fall into the hot musician trap.  Celebitchy reports that Aniston recently said that they way boyfriend John Mayer thinks is “beautiful.”  The actual quote said, “He’s a rare one. He is extraordinary and it is wonderful to watch him… the way his brain works and the way he thinks thoughts… it’s beautiful…It’s an amazing thing to watch a musician think…I don’t know many musicians but when his guitar is on him it’s just like a channel…It’s something I’ve never ever seen before.”

Most women who have ever dated a musician, particularly a good-looking one, knows the appeal of a creative type.  They are nomadic, passionate and are usually almost always in the creative process.  John Mayer has certainly worked this to his advantage, cutting a wide swath through quite a few of Young Hollywood’s starlets and has now settled in with Aniston. 

What is not exactly certain is whether or not he is really worthy of her affections.  We all saw the impromptu press conference Mayer gave when he and Aniston broke up the first time.  Opposites attract but where Aniston goes out of her way to avoid the paparazzi, Mayer generally courts the press and has been known to stage publicity stunts to get in the line of their lenses.  We can’t argue that Mayer is creative and kind of cute, but are they really in the same place?  We know that Aniston wants to have children and that was the alleged cause of the first breakup.  Has that been settled?  Is he prepared to settle down with Aniston?  He does have a certain regular guy appeal but we also know that he has bad boy tendencies.

Being attracted to a trait about a person is lovely and fascinating but it is not enough of a basis for a long-term relationship.  Make sure that you find the things you desire in a mate in that person before making a significant emotional investment.  The creative process is sexy, yes, but in Aniston’s case, I imagine a shared interest in building a significant private life that includes children is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Is Mayer "The One" for Aniston? Stay tuned...


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