The Size Of His Package, Explained

The Size of His Package, Explained

News Flash: it's really bad for the baby when a pregnant mom is exposed to chemicals!  But just how bad is it? New research says if the baby she's carrying is a boy, chemical exposure may cause him to be born with a smaller penis.

The New York Post reports that chemicals in fire retardants, cosmetics, food wrappers and baby powder are called "endocrine disrupters" and can interfere with hormones in male vertebrae animals. This means the size of your man's penis may be affected (stunted, if you will) while he's still in the womb.

The Post says:

"This research shows that the basic male tool kit is under threat," says Gwynne Lyons, a former government adviser on the health effects of chemicals who wrote the report published by the charity CHEMTrust, which drew on more than 250 scientific studies from around the world.

Wildlife and people have been exposed to more than 100,000 new chemicals in recent years, and the European Commission has admitted that 99 percent of them are not adequately regulated.

Scary. One consolation? If your man is stressing about his size, you can assure him the length or girth of his penis has nothing to do with his masculinity.