Ginnifer Goodwin Is Newly Single

Ginnifer Goodwin Is Newly Single

Ginnifer Goodwin and Chris Klein stop dating each other.

According to People (no just any old people, but People the magazine), Ginnifer Goodwin is back on the market. She, up until quite recently, had been dating a handsome, young man named Chris Klein. You may know Klein as "Nova" from the film American Pie. If you recall, his character dropped his v-card to Mena Suvari but he'd learned to be a gentleman along the way and chose not to kiss and tell. He also played Reese Witherspoon's over-matched rival in the dark comedy classic, Election.

Per People, the 2 have been dating for 2 whole years and decided that they were heading in opposite directions. And rather than do the weird dance where each party pretends not to know that their relationship is inexplicably flawed, the 2 decided to just sever ties.

We wonder if a part of the problem was that his career was on the southward trajectory and she is blowing up (like B12). In addition to her fantastic role on Big Love, she is 1 of the stars of the long in gestating ensemble rom-com He's Just Not That Into You.

And this is not the first time that poor Chris Klein has been left behind by a climbing starlet. He'd dated Katie Holmes for a hot little bit and got Heismaned to the wayside when she moved from Dawson's Creek to the Scientology throne room. Obviously, he has a type. He likes 'em brown-haired, cute as a button and TV-famous. We're hoping that he’s able to get Cobie Smolder's (Robin from How I Met Your Mother) phone number. That would be a nice little pick-up for the actor.

Typically, we're discouraged from using this space (Celeb Love) as a platform for forwarding our own agenda, but we're totally willing to sideline that policy to let Ginnifer Goodwin know that completely have her back. If she needs to talk or rap or just get weird, we’re around. We’re not terribly familiar with braiding hair or eating ice cream straight out of the carton, but we're good at listening and would have not problem running lines with hr for Big Love. Our Bill Paxson impression is so-so and usually just becomes a tired version of Bill Pullman. No one can really the difference.

Holler atcher boy.

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