Amy Winehouse's Ex Has Some Dirt

Amy Winehouse's Ex Has Some Dirt

Blake Fielder-Civil wants more of Amy Winehouse's money.

According to Bossip, Blake Fielder-Civil (ex-con, narcotics enthusiast) evidently has some dirt on Amy Winehouse. Apparently, the chivalrous young chap would prefer to keep this information to himself. But the sort of information that he is privy to may be valuable to someone, at some point. So, Blake Fielder-Civil has some decisions to make. Should he sit on this information, he’ll miss out on a goodly-sized check. If he's to do the honorable thing, the people will not be informed (as is their right) to the inner goings on of their favorite substance-abusing, tattooed songstress.

Evidently, as the relationship between BFC and Amy Winehouse winds down, some feelings shall be hurt. To begin with, Blake Fielder-Civil was offered a merely paltry amount of cash to walk away from the marriage. Word on the street places Amy Winehouse's net value at somewhere around £10 million (roughly $15 million in Americano greenbacks). And at this point, she is only willing to pay old boy $50,000. Supposedly, $50K, for everything he's been through, is a slap in the face.

His mother believes that he is entitled to £3 million of "Rehab" singer's fortune. And why not? Part of her appeal is the weird junkie fun-girl vibe she exudes. Who introduced her to the hard stuff (and we are not talking Adderall and No-Doze)? Seriously, can your most famous song really be, ironically, about not wishing to attend a rehabilitation clinic without a legitimate problem? In a similar vein, Eminem should be obligated to pay some percentage of his income to Kim Mathers (and his mama) because it seems, at some level, whatever misogyny that these 2 broads inspired has made him a ton of cash.

We've heard that Blake Fielder-Civil is trying to reconcile with Madam Winehouse. In our experience, on starship Earth, a really bad way to let someone know you love them is to shake them down for $4.5 million.

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