Alyssa Milano Seeks Protection from Stalker

Alyssa Milano Seeks Protection from Stalker

Star files for restraining order against obsessive fan.

There must be something in the water out in Hollywood because the stalker trend is coming back with a vengeance. Celebitchy reports that actress Alyssa Milano has filed for a restraining order from disturbed fan Jeff Walker, a 54-year-old resident of Santa Cruz, California, who Milano refers to as “an obsessed and mentally unstable celebrity stalker fan.” The story goes on to state that Milano has reported multiple incidences of harassment, with reports of Turner breaking into her home and obsessively trying to contact the star.  Milano has also asked for protection for her family as she states Turner “believes he is close personal friends...” If you want something to completely creep you out this afternoon, the post contains videos of Turner being filmed stalking singer Tiffany as part of a documentary.

This is another report of stalking in recent news, with Paula Abdul’s 17 year stalker Paula Goodspeed committing suicide outside her Los Angeles home in November and Jennifer Garner sought a permanent restraining order against Steven Burky, a man who has been stalking her since 2002 and whose actions had gotten so obsessive and dangerous that he reportedly showed up at her house and said, “God has sent him a vision of her being persecuted in some manner that may result in her death.”  This is undoubtedly in reaction to other famous Hollywood stalker cases, some of which turn deadly; One of the most extreme was actress Rebecca Schaeffer's crazed fan killing her in 1989.

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