Taylor Swift Spending New Years with Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift Spending New Years with Joe Jonas

Some advice on how to handle a New Years celebration with your ex.

Reunited and it just is not feeling that good, evidently. Us Magazine reports that exes Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas will have to spend one of the most romantic night of the year together on New Year’s Eve when the two acts are scheduled to perform on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve special. Although other acts are scheduled to perform, this might be interesting. I wonder if they’ll keep them separated like Tom and Nicole post-divorce.

You may remember our recent post on the fact that Joe notoriously dumped Taylor earlier this year via cell phone in a 27 second speed round of rejection.  Taylor, a sensitive songstress, not only wrote a song about the breakup but took to Ellen DeGeneres’ couch to promote her album and spew a tiny bit of angst over the dumping, saying, “I looked at the call log - it was like 27 seconds…That's got to be a record.”  Recently, Joe Jonas has been seen with heavy-browed kindred spirit Camilla Belle (who has also been seen with her ex, Twilight’s hunky vampire Robert Pattinson) and Taylor has been winning award after award and critical acclaim for her singing career.

This time of year, holiday parties and functions are fraught with run-into-your-ex type danger.  If you have recently broken up with someone (or worse, been dumped) and you think you might see them at a holiday party, here are some words of advice. 

First of all, do not try and figure out what you are going to say to them when you get there because unless you have a crystal ball and can watch the whole night before it happens, you will never be prepared for all the situations that can occur.  Go to the gym, work out, do some yoga and do whatever you can to release all that extra adrenaline building because you have this fantasy of beating them up or running in fright to avoid conflict.

Secondly, looking good is always the best revenge.  You never want to have anyone who saw you in a vulnerable state to continue to see you that way.  Go to the spa, get a mani-pedi, wax (yes, you too, dudes), shower and glam up for this event.

The third tip might not apply to Taylor since she is underage but under no circumstances are you to drink more than two alcoholic beverages at this function.  They don’t call it truth serum for nothing as it lowers inhibitions and is also a depressant.  Your cool and calm veneer will be totally shattered if you make a drunken spectacle of yourself. Know your limits.

Fourth, try to avoid anything other than "Hi" and whatever celebratory greeting will work for you.  The less you talk, the better.  If you have to speak, stick to innocuous topics and then move on to other conversations at the party.  This isn't the time or place to have a discussion about what happened and any conversations to this end might end up in disaster.

Finally, have fun!  Life is too short to worry about how bad the breakup was or if you’ll ever find someone else. Of course you will!  Now, find two friends who will laugh it up with you, act as gatekeepers to keep you and your ex separated and enjoy the holiday season.

Good luck, Taylor.