Get Some Gossip Girl Action

Get Some Gossip Girl Action
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Facebook and a rumored spin-off: your brunch conversation is now served.

It is Sunday morning and as many of us are heading off to attend the service of our choice, even more of us are headed off to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Bloody Mary at brunch with friends.  Need some fun points of gossip to get the conversation started?  Here are some fun points from everyone’s favorite teen drama, the CW favorite, Gossip Girl.

BlackBook reports that post-Thanksgiving, a bit of poetry went up on the Facebook page of Ed Westwick, or for those that know and love the bad boys, the actor who plays womanizer Chuck Bass.  Taking a moment to post a little bit of poetry for someone who will remain nameless, the actor placed this little gem on his profile:

“When you’ll walk away from me mad, I’ll follow you
When you’ll stare at my mouth, I’ll kiss you
When you’ll push me or hit me, I’ll grab you and don’t let you go
When you’ll start cussing at me, I’ll kiss you and tell you I love you
When you’ll be quiet, I’ll ask you what’s wrong
When you’ll ignore me, I’ll give you my attention
When you’ll pull me away, I’ll pull you back
When I’ll see you at your worst, I’ll tell you’re beautiful
When I’ll see you start crying, I’ll just hold you and and don’t say a word
When I’ll see you walking, I’ll sneak up and hug your waist from behind
When you’ll be scared, I’ll protect you
When you’ll lay your head on my shoulder, I’ll tilt your head up and kiss you
When you’ll steal my favorite hat, I’ll let you keep it and sleep with it for a night
When you’ll tease me, I’ll tease you back and make you laugh
When you’ll don’t answer for a long time, I’ll reassure you that everything is okay
When you’ll look at me with doubt, I’ll back myself up
When you’ll say that you like me, I’ll know that you really do more than I could understand
When you’ll grab my hands, I’ll hold yours and play with your fingers
When you’ll bump into me, I’ll bump into you back and make you laugh
When you’ll tell you a secret, I’ll keep it safe and untold
When you’ll look at me in my eyes, I’ll don’t look away until you do
When you’ll miss me, we were both hurting inside
And when I’ll say I love you, you’ll know it’s true. “

After which, allegedly cast members of the program replied, with someone who may or may not be fellow cast mate Chace Crawford saying that no one said it was Ed’s fault and that he was trying to get info for Ed and “so hopefully I will talk to her soon.”  After which other posts were seen with profile names similar to the actual actors.  At one point, Ed addresses the rumor he hooked up with fellow castmate Jessica Szohr by changing his profile status to “Are you kidding? Jess and I? HA HA HA.”

Whether this is real or an incredible publicity stunt, these actors are young and, you know, hooking up is what you do when you are young.  I mean, Ed and Chace have both been seen with cougar-in-training Drew Barrymore, with Ed photographed kissing her.  Ed has a reputation around New York City as quite the party boy so it’s not completely unbelievable that he had a tryst with a cast member.  He has the same issues most men have when they come to NYC with a lot of money and sudden fame: he is here to play and play hard.  Anyone who runs into him at The Waverly Inn is warned: that ticket is probably only good for one ride.

Other Gossip Girl news is that there might be another show in the works.  Jossip reports that the network is considering a spin-off centered on Jenny Humphrey and her budding fashion career.  Whether this is a bit of a stretch or not (I personally cannot imagine an entire show around the character of Jenny), I am interested to see if there is any character separation between the character Jenny and actress Taylor Momsen’s recent turn to the dark side.  Our little girl is growing up fast and it might be hard to keep her in the innocent little sister role for long, as evidenced by her recent tryst with Nate (Chace Crawford).

What’s happening next week on our favorite show about oversexed teenagers?  What can it teach us about our own love lives?  Not a lot, just that bad boys will be bad boys and the rumors of a spin-off and relationships between the cast members is worthy of at least one Bloody Mary worth of conversation.  Stay tuned gossip fans. XOXO, YourTango.