Evan Rachel Wood Reconciles

Evan Rachel Wood Reconciles

After Marilyn Monroe and <em>The Wrestler</em>, Evan Rachel Wood makes up with her dad.

According to Celebitchy, Evan Rachel Wood is reconciling with some older guy. Luckily, this older guy didn't have ribs removed to felate himself nor did he play Paul Pfieffer on The Wonder Years. The kid in our fact-checking department says Marilyn Manson didn't do that stuff either. Forget it. It's her dad. She's reconciling with her dad. Evidently, Mr. Rachel Wood, errrr, Mr. Ira Wood has gotten back into his daughter's life.

While it's said that the 2 have been separated most of her young life (gee, it's weird that she didn't have a dad around much and dated a way older guy), she sought him out after separating from Marilyn Manson. It’s important to remember that Marilyn Manson has a cult-of-personality and not a regular cult (unlike, say, Charles Manson's family), because you're not really let out of regular cults (as far as we can tell). Evan Rachel Wood's breakup with the shock rocker (if there is such a thing) was shortly precipitated by conversations regarding her brother living in her guesthouse. So, little Wednesday Adams 2.0 is a family girl after all.

We wonder how many familial relationships are inexorably changed by a disliked spouse. If we had a guess we'd say 20% of them. It's tough even with your email/ Twitter/ Facebooks to be close to a family member without seeing them. And it's hard to see family members when they can't stand the old man (or old lady) whom you’re shacked up with. It's like if you're a Capulet and your daughter married a Montague, you're not going to spend much time around them unless she gets a divorce. And only the Pope can grant 1 of those and the indulgences alone will cost you a fortune. So, maybe you think about hiring some real Tybalts to take care of this bozo, fair Verona-style. But you realize that your daughter will be an inconsolable mess if her "Romeo" catches a hot one in what’s made to look like a drug deal gone bad, so you sit on your hands and wait. And that's what Mr. Ira Wood did. He waited for the very talented Evan Rachel Wood to come 'round to his way of thinking.

We're glad it ended when it did, some Manson fans may have taken it on their own accord to leave some really twisted sh*t on his lawn as a future wedding present to the future Mrs. The Prince Of Darkness.

NOTE: Apparently her role as an estranged daughter in the upcoming film The Wrestler inspired Evan Rachel Wood to seek out her father. Rumor has it that Mickey Rourke really lights it up in film as both the titular character and ERW's rolling stone for a papa.

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