What's On His Mind: Wednesday, Dec. 3

What's On His Mind: Wednesday, Dec. 3
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Men give tips on holiday parties, haircuts, kissing and how to chill out.

The content in this week's "What On His Mind" isn't all that different from what on our own minds this week. They're rating sexy bloggers, we're rating 10 men hotter than Hugh Jackman. They've got tips on how to kiss, and so do we! Hmm, maybe gender differences are a myth, after all...

Tomfoolery tells us ladies to tread carefully when telling a guy what to do with his hair: "No one likes it when you assume you know what's best for them. And let's not pretend that personal grooming is something that dudes don’t care about. Because we sort of do. David Beckham bent us that way."

AskMen offers 10 ways for a man to get physical with a woman, and the list starts with chivalry.

COED magazine has collected the 110 sexiest female bloggers on earth. Some of whose likenesses are NSFW.

Men's Fitness gives tips on how to kiss. Apparently 91 percent of women polled like the "girl-on-girl technique," which involves slower, softer kissing.

Entertainment Weekly names Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane the smartest person in television followed by Tina Fey in second. Oprah's sixth on the list of 25.

Playboy features "Guy 101: How To Throw The Ultimate Holiday Party," complete with recipes for food and cocktails, music suggestions and, of course, pictures of Playmates for some additional holiday cheer.

An Esquire writer recommends watching Sunrise Earth on HD Theater with a drink as a form of relaxing after work. For more tips on keeping your relationship safe from holiday stress, read our expert's tips here.

Photo of David Beckham: Splash News