Celebrity Pregnancy Rumors and Announcments

mary kate olsen

Mary Kate. Jennifer Aniston. Angelina Jolie. Mags are reporting, but are any of them expecting?

We're not sure who started the bump-watching trend but it's become the go-to story during a slow news week.  So, every time a celebrity walks the red carpet without her Spanx, or decides to have a piece of pie over Thanksgiving, you'll likely see her on the cover of your favorite tabloid.  Here's a rundown of who is, who isn't and who might be pregnant. 

Mary-Kate Olsen
The National Equirer is reporting that the ridiculously rich former child star is pregnant by her boyfriend, NY artist Nate Lowman.  Unfortuneately for them, MK's rep told Us Weekly that the report is totally false.   Two more reasons to hate this rumor—the Enquirer claims that Mary Kate was inspired by Heath Ledger's love of fatherhood and that her weight had "shot up" to 102 lbs.  Note to the Enquirer: You suck on so many levels.

Jennifer Aniston
In Touch notes that, in addition to her growing bump, the actress has stopped dyeing her roots and drinking alcohol (oh, how very Mariah Carey of her!)  Of course this isn't the first time Aniston on bump watch.  The National Enquirer reported that Aniston was pregnant at this same time LAST year.  Like Mary Kate, Us Weekly printed the rep's offical announcment denial on that story. 

Mariah Carey
We didn't believe the first reports on Mariah's baby-to-be.  After all, holding your stomach and not drinking in a photo isn't quite like peeing on the stick.  We're slowly changing our minds though, thanks to Mariah's faux-sipping on Ellen