A Man, His Haircut And Your Opinion

A Man, His Haircut And Your Opinion

His haircut may be a battle that you should just avoid.

A man's hair is, to paraphrase fictional GE honcho Jack Donaghy, a suit for his head. And as his head suit, it's his calling card to the world at-large. His hair says (not literally, that would be silly), "I'm the kind of guy who would have this exact haircut." Like all things, first impressions aren't always right. Sometimes the guy with a pompadour likes the hip hop music. Maybe the dude with a South Carolina (think Jim Carrey's hair in Dumb and Dumber) hates the outdoors and doesn't even own croakies. The point is, he has an image that he wants to portray, has had the same hair style since he was 8 and/ or may want something easy to maintain.

But when this guy gets into a relationship, he stands to lose some of his hair sovereignty. The sweet fauxhawk that caught your eye up in the nightclub may not be something you want your parents to eyeball over a plate of introductory goulash. Obviously, you have best interests in mind. But men, by and large, dig consistency and are a little nervous about the implications regarding any change that you bring his way (Garth Algar (Wayne's World) and his near-mullet "fear change").

So, in order to sneak one past old dude, you resort to trickery. YourTango's Michelle Madhok suggests a steady diet of subterfuge and flattery. And, as human beings, we are suckers for flattery. I'm pretty sure that 90% of all problems can be solved through some combination of flattery, politeness and application of the Golden Rule. Unfortunately, deciphering which problems need which solutions is tricky and we wind up applying force way more often than it is called for. I digress. The point is this: think about why you want to change his look and what it says about your relationship.

Are his feathered bangs a little too bubblegum pop for your rock 'n roll lifestyle? Is his high-and-tight a little too militant for some of the dinner parties you plan on bringing him to? There is a pretty good chance that you do have a better sense of fashion than he does. But maybe you don't. Despite Dionne's (Stacy Dash) protesting, Murray (Donald Faison) did look cooler with a shaved head (thanks for indulging the Clueless reference). And there's the rub, no one likes it when you assume you know what's best for them. And let's not pretend that personal grooming is something that dudes don’t care about. Because we sort of do. David Beckham bent us that way. Keep Reading...

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