Psychic Speed Dating Is Born

Psychic Speed Dating Is Born

Psychics act as matchmakers. Why the hell not?

When we read the news that Colorado-based psychic Myrna Lou Goldbaum expanded her services to include matchmaking, our jaded eyebrows only arched in slight bemusement.

Color us cynical, but it's always seemed matchmakers and psychics hold up residence in the same section of Delusionland (sorry to all of you who frequent either). In fact, we're baffled this hasn't already been done to death. The two seem like a perfect pairing. Only the event would need a dash of astrology thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, Goldbaum has began a Friday night series of psychic speed dating at Longmont, Colorado's Bead Lounge. The mystical evening of blossoming love begins with a palm reading by Goldbaum, followed by a pendant chart reading by a woman named Deanna Gloyd, who informs customers what they desire in a mate.

Once the group is high on all the stuff they never knew about themselves, they're encouraged to take place in a little meet and greet and try out all this newfound knowledge.

While everyone makes awkward small talk, Goldbaum gives them the side-eye and tries to measure who has lasting romance-making chemistry. Sort of like the mystical, hippy mom you never (or may have) had.

While the weekly event is too new to make any grand proclamations, Goldbaum claims to have matched 10 couples who are still dating. Even if you don't find Mr. or Mrs. Right (or Right Now) at the Bead Lounge, Goldbaum will likely give you a homework assignment to mull over, like making a list of things you've never done but would like to do. Perhaps you'll meet your soul mate strolling an art gallery or going ice skating. Crazier things have happened.

"It's a bit like being a bartender and a psychologist," pendant expert Deanna Gloyd said. "You get to mix someone a cocktail of happiness."


It's doubtful palm reading and pendants have the same "romance" success rate as a few shots of the hard stuff in a dim bar, but good luck anyway!