Something Fishy About Spencer - Heidi Wedding

Something Fishy About Spencer - Heidi Wedding

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are not legally wed per E!.

You may have already guessed this but the wedding of the century between Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag was not legal. According to E! Online, the for-TV nuptials were not accompanied by a marriage license, blood test or the will of God. The surprise ceremony, though not yet official, was conceived with enough lead-time to alert and coordinate with Us Weekly. Maybe E! couldn't find the right spelling for Mr. Wonderful when doing their due diligence.

The odd(est) thing about the elopement is that producers from The Hills were not privy to it. Yikes is right. We were under the impression that Spencer and Heidi were contractually obligated to let The Hills know their each and every move. Particularly something as Earth-shattering as an impromptu wedding down old Mexico way. But it appears that Speidi has gone rogue. Fret not, posterity shall be served. A videographer was on-hand to document the ceremony and the footage will be featured in a forthcoming episode of The Hills.

Maybe Spencer Pratt just had enough of the waiting. Rumor has it (and we've never heard this refuted by Spencer or Heidi) that Heidi is (was) a virgin. Spencer even went as far as saying that they slept with a pillow between them to stem any temptation. We don't mean to editorialize too much, but these guys are a couple of twiggy characters. The whole Speidi experience has been characterized almost entirely by deception and such a lack of sincerity that you wonder if the Housewives Of Atlanta are embarrassed for them. It's said that in a democracy, you get the government you deserve and we just wonder, from a pop culture standpoint, what we did to deserve this? Oh, that's right we made Paris Hilton a household name and demanded, with our viewing habits, that some permutation of The Real World is on TV 22 hours a day. We hope that they do make this wedding legit, this way the rest of us don't risk accidentally allowing them to taint the clean end of the gene pool. MTV should hire whichever laboratory Disney used to create Zac Efron when Spencer and Heidi decide to, shudder, procreate.

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