Man Bites Girlfriend, Blames Mars Bar Addiction

Man Bites Girlfriend, Blames Mars Bar Addiction

Sugar addiction blamed for anger over "Bridget Jones panties."

He said "gimme some sugar, baby"...but he wanted a Mars Bar.

Marco Fella, 38, of England, bit his girlfriend because he felt angry she wore big Bridget Jones panties instead of thong underwear. And he blamed his sugar addiction!

Fella told the judge he noshes 10 Mars Bars a day and the sugar addiction's got him high-strung. So he attacked his 34-year-old live-in girlfriend two times in 10 days: first by throwing a doggie chew toy at her and then by biting her.

The Daily Mail reports:

He said he became aggressive if he did not get enough sugar but has now started an anger management course.

We should think so! That's the silliest excuse for domestic violence we've ever heard!




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