The Real Reason Why Vampires Make Us Swoon

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LoveFeed discusses the chivalrous vampire.

Whether you like it or not, vampires have taken the media world by storm. True Blood and Vampire Diaries pretty much dominate primetime, which means it's hard to avoid those chronic biters. So you're looking for a boyfriend, a sexy vampire may be the way to go.

After watching iconic vampires like True Blood's Bill Compton and the Salvatore brothers from Vampire Diaries in action, we have to say that we don't mind seeing them all over the places one bit (wink). Before vampires made it to the big screen, they used to evoke a lot of fear in folklore and literature. But now, the scariest thing they do is make our hearts race.

This just begs the following: Why are we so fascinated with these dangerous (but oh so sexy) figures? In this episode of The LoveFeed, Allison Castillo gets to the bottom of this.

She stresses that "Historically, vampires have represented what was forbidden in society and therefore sexy. Which prompts Waymen to ponder whether feminism has caused the simple acts of holding a door open, or offering to pay for dinner to take on forbidden sexy status."

One of the reasons that the ladies swoon over these bloodsuckers is their chivalrous nature. It may sound crazy but it makes total sense! She even goes as far as to make the hilarious (but accurate) claim that "Women who are fed up with chivalry being dead now prefer their dates to be undead."

But if you still don't understand everyone's growing fascination with the "chivalrous vampire", one look at Stefan Salvatore is all the answer you need. While it may not be the actual fictional creature that women are in love with, vampires certainly do have a romantic way about them. Could they really be better boyfriends?

Men, sink your teeth into that.