Reese Witherspoon On Character

Reese Witherspoon On Character
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Reese Witherspoon talks about Vince Vaugh, divorce and Four Christmases.

Per the Boston Herald, Reese Witherspoon has a movie coming out. Whoops, we mean she has some new perspective on marriage, motherhood divorce and Vince Vaughn (Double V).

While doing promotion work for Four Christmases (which coincidentally opens on November 26th), she sat down and answered some questions. First of all, she gets frazzled around the holidays particularly when she's in charge of entertaining. OMG, the stars are just like us. And on top of that, her character in Four Christmases (in theaters November 26th) is a woman who gets overwhelmed by the four Christmas celebrations she has to attend. It's like when life imitates art.

And the reason there are Four Christmases (don't miss it in theaters November 26th) is that the parents of her character and Vince Vaughn's character are all divorced. In real life, Reese Witherspoon is divorced and knows real people sometimes are torn between broken families during holidays. It's like famous people have a magazine that details the lives of us civilians. Marvelous.

On top of that, her character, Kate, is unsure if she wants children. She has anxiety about her future. In real life, Reese Witherspoon never held a baby until she had a baby of her own. Knights in white satin! We can't tell where Reese Witherspoon and her character from Four Christmases (seriously, in theaters November 26th) differ. Crazy. And we've met people who were nervous about having kids. OMFG, stars are just like us!

And to finish it all off, Reese Witherspoon only did the movie because she knew that Vince Vaughn was signed on, per the Melbourne Herald Sun. HAH! We bet an awful lot of us (regular old shmoes) will be seeing this movie for the same reason (mark your friggin' calendars for November 26th or else). What will that Double V (Vince Vaughn) do next? Are you with us?

Thank goodness, Reese Witherspoon stepped outside of her comfort zone to show us how this movie (buy your tickets now, it's in theaters November 26th, suckah) is like regular life. God bless Reese Witherspoon, God bless us all.

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