David Spade Following Michael Bolton

David Spade Following Michael Bolton

David Spade may be dating Nicollette Sheridan.

According to E!Online, David Spade still has It. Unlike Jean Claude Van Damme we're reasonably sure that we can identify Spade's It. Spade's It is Michael Bolton's hand me down. The comedian was reportedly seen fooling around with desperate housewife and TV actress (Desperate Housewives) Nicollette Sheridan.

You may know Sheridan as the slutty villainess Edie Britt but we prefer to think of her as the other hot blond that nearly brought down Michael Bolton. The first hot blond to almost capsize the Bolt-dog, of course, was John Tesh. Our favorite Nicollette Sheridan moment, though, when she dropped her towel and leapt into the arms of NFL players Terrell Owens. More accurately, we liked the backlash on that commercial. Evidently, there was a problem all the way back in the puritanical days of 2004 with sexual suggestiveness (and possibly race). Thanks a bunch, JT.

But the important person to talk about here is David Spade. Ladies love AND girls adore him. He is way more impressive than Colin Farrell (or Rob Base) in this regard. Farrell has the accent, the rakish good looks and the alluring scent of whiskey and cigarettes. Spade's got… Spade's got… Spade's got… It. Sure he's a funny dude. And rich. And famous. But he was bird-dogging sexy broads way before the fame and the loot came his way. It could be that he grew up without a man around the house (for the most part) and really learned to listen to women. Or he could have psychic powers. Way to keep the good times rolling, David Spade. We hope that your quality of life far surpasses Andy Dick's. That guy is a complete, uh, dink.

Fun Fact: Nicolette Sheridan's father's identity is a mystery (like Pearl Prynne?) but growing up she considered Telly Savalas to be her dad. Who loves ya, baby? Old Kojak was also the godfather of Jennifer Aniston. Proving once again that Hollywood (like the Skull & Bones) is an elite club that pampers legacy and only allows the best and brightest (and Andy Dick) to join the circle.

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