They Overcame Their Political Differences

They Overcame Their Political Differences
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"Can A Democrat Love A Republican" author weds her conservative boyfriend.

Can a conservative and a liberal move beyond their political views to find love? The answer is a resounding yes!

Back in January, Caroline Tiger penned our piece "Can A Democrat Love A Republican," in which she wrote about dating someone of opposite political persuasion. While some of her friends were displeased by her choice, (one friend "was afraid of what her husband might do if the talk turned to politics." Another "e-mailed … to tell me he was worried about me."), Tiger was sure that "J" was Mr. Right:

"Being with him hasn't changed my views, except that I'll never again jump to conclusions about someone based on their political affiliation. We're okay with continuing to cancel out each other's vote—at least on a national stage. (Philadelphia politics is its own hairy beast.) I'm not worried about how our future kids will vote—I think it'll be to their benefit to see both sides."

In addition to clashing politics, the two had another obstacle to overcome: distance. When they started dating, Tiger lived in Philadelphia and J was at law school in Georgetown. But in the end, love prevailed.

Tiger, professional freelance writer and author of several books including The Long Distance Relationship Guide: Advice for the Geographically Challenged and the etiquette tome How To Behave: Dating & Sex, can now add newlywed to her resume, and we can finally put a face and name to the initial "J" in our political love story.

The New York Times reported this weekend that Tiger married Jonathan Dunsay on November 8. Her friends were still skeptical: "She’s literary, artsy, liberal, a Francophile. He’s a Franco-reviler," said one. But no matter: Having overcome differences of opinion and distance, we're pretty sure this couple can surmount a little friendly doubt as well.


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