Afternoon News Feed: Nov. 24

Afternoon News Feed: Nov. 24
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Virtual sex, what not to do when you meet his family, and dealing with your partner's flaws.

What counts as adultery? For one woman in England the answer is virtual sexThe staff at Wowowow delves into the case of Amy Pollard who is leaving her husband of three years after discovering he was having an online affair in Second Life.  The twist? Amy and her husband first met while playing Second Life, so we guess she knows a thing or two about how these online affairs can end up. 

The Frisky is getting ready for the holidays with this handy guide on how NOT to deal with his family.  Good to know we aren't the only ones who have been dreading Thanksgiving this year. 

Are your partner's flaws getting in the way of your relationship? According to Psychology Today, flaws can only ruin your relationship if you react them out of anger.  So instead of focusing on his faults, take a moment to focus on your reaction to them. 



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