Australia Creates Sex Political Party

sex political party

Australia's sex workers create a Sex party and hope to lobby for senate seats. Tax free dildos!

Australia's sex workers have got their garter belts in a twist over 'the land down under's' increasingly conservative stance on sex and sex-related products.

On November 20th, Oz's first ever Sex party was officially launched. The kick-off party took place at Melbourne's Sexpo Exhibition amidst a slew of pole dancers. Sigh. As much as we Americans try our damndest to be hip (we have a black president who listens to Jay-Z!), this just proves what a sad group of Puritan squares we really are.

The Sex party has over 500 members (as of the time this was written) and plan to lobby for senate seats in the country's predominatly two-party system. While a party called "Sex"may sound silly, the group is amazingly serious and steadfast in their stances.

The party formed due to an increased level of prudishness in Australia. The country has plans to install a national Internet filter that would block 10,000 sexually explicit websites and eliminate 16, 000 jobs. In this shakey economy, the Sex party thinks such a pointless and reactionary measure is downright ludicrous.

"We're a cheap luxury that can make you feel good," said convenor and Eros industry group chief executive Fiona Patten. She also added that a recession always calls for an increase in pornography and sex toys.

Why sacrifice orgasms along with savings accounts and paid vacations?

The Sex party fears this errant, goody-two-shoes government will go nutso and eliminate the entire sex industry within the next five years. They also would like to lobby for more sex education in schools Patten thinks the country is being run by a bunch of blushing school children.

"They still giggle when they say the word sex, and that's why we have such idiotic policies at state and federal levels"

Imagine the tittering and note-passing if a Sex party candidate wins a seat.

Tee hee. The ballot said "sex."