Morning News Feed: Nov. 21

Morning News Feed: Nov. 21
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The male selfish gene, forbidden love and food-fighting.

Love and relationship coverage has all but come to a hault today, since Madge is taking center stage. Today's the day for Madonna and Guy Ritchie's official divorce, according to the Associated Press. Read more about their relationship in YourTango's Celebrity Love Blog.

Madge's divorce isn't the only order of the courts today. reports that police charged a 19-year old man in Florida with domestic battery after he threw a sandwich at his girlfriend while she was driving, nearly causing her to loose control of the car. A conviction may clarify that food-fighting does in fact count as domestic abuse.

A man in Colorado was caught in a lie, reports the The Rocky Mountain News . He pretended to have named his newborn son Carter Barack Obama Sealy for post-election press attention, and was ousted by his wife who told the newspapers "My husband's an idiot."

A seemingly idiotic caste system is to blame for the tragic fate of a a teenage boy in India. After writing a love letter to a girl from a different caste, he was thrashed, paraded through the streets and thrown under a trained by the rival caste, according to the New York Times.

A ficticious story of forbidden vampire love hits theaters today. The film, "Twilight" is reviewed at

An international study reported by the Times of India has found that that evolution has led women to prefer multiple partners. This preference is linked to exposure to men who carry selfish genes which compromise their fertility and the health of their offspring.

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