Fix Your Relationship In A Day

Fix Your Relationship In A Day
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Relationship expert and Mating In Captivity author hosts East Coast conference.

Couples who struggle to keep their relationship sexy (and if there's a couple out there that doesn't struggle with this, please stand up) often find themselves at a loss for solutions. All of the elements are there: love, trust, intimacy. Only the passion is lacking.

Cue revolutionary couples therapist Esther Perel. She will tell you things like "More intimacy can lead to less sex" and "The fear of loss is essential to love." Her frank talk for couples looking to reignite their passion has made her a semi-celebrity, and she's appeared on Oprah and the Today show to discuss her acclaimed book, Mating in Captivity. And now, for the price of an hour-long therapy session, you can get Perel for an entire day.

Technically, you'll be sharing her with about 50 other people, couples and singles among them. Perel is offering a one-day workshop at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey on January 18. Registration is $150 until December 9 and $175 thereafter. E-mail to register.

Watch this YourTango video for a taste of the insight Perel has to offer.

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