Madonna and Guy Ritchie Reach Divorce Settlement

Madonna and Guy Ritchie Reach Divorce Settlement
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Guy Ritchie walks away from Madonna's money for the sake of the kids.

Look, we're going to be honest here.   Madonna and Guy Ritchie splitting up wasn't the most surprising piece of celebrity news we've ever heard (um, hello Heath Ledger's accidental overdose), but their speedy divorce settlement certainly made us do a double-take.  Between the alleged affair with A-Rod and the rumored absence of pre-nup we expected to still be talking about Madonna and Guy's divorce when the Material Girl turned 60.  According to the Times Online, Guy has simply walked away from Madge's money in exchange for Rocco and David splitting their time between England and the US.  Lourdes will naturally stay with her mum in America. 

Some more juicy tidbits from the article:

  • Guy rejected a £20 million settlement last month.
  • Madonna wanted the boys to live and be educated in America full-time.
  • Guy Ritchie could have sued for half of Madonna's estimated £300 million fortune.

It's not often that couples (famous or not) can put aside their differences in favor of their kids.  So we say bravo to both Madonna and Guy for putting their children's happiness ahead of their own.   Of course, now Madonna is free to keep playing the field her All-Star boy toy and Guy can keep up his intimate coffee conversations with the recently single Rachel McAdams

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