Jean Claude Van Damme Still Has It

Jean Claude Van Damme Still Has It

Jean Claude Van Damme may have a date with NewsWeek's Sarah Ball.

According to Asylum, the Belgian action star Jean Claude Van Damme may not have his star wattage but he still has IT. Whatever you choose to define as IT. The 48-year old Universal Soldier is attempting a comeback by playing a slightly more human character: himself. He's starring a new film called JCVD (1 guess on what that stands for) and it's actually garnering positive reviews (check out the San Francisco Chronicle). He plays a guy named Jean Claude Van Damme caught in a heist or caper of some sort and not able to call upon super-natural martial prowess (unlike the real Bruce Willis who'd just stare the bad guys down or tell them a story about his heirloom watch).

While doing promo work for the self-acronymed film, the Muscles from Brussels decided to flex his game. As NewsWeek interviewer Sarah Ball got to what makes the twerp from near Antwerp tick. While other people dig his ballsy date invite (he tells her what she'll be wearing, what he'll be wearing and where she can find him) we actually like the part where he talks about his desire to "be naked" in front of her but not "naked" if you catch his drift. He also misses Sarah Ball's age by either 5 or 10 years depending on which guess you'd like to honor. And if we're playing by the Price Is Right rules he would be disqualified for going over the actual retail age. Sweet game, mon frere.

We'd heard for years that the Kickboxer star is a bit of a cad and thinks he's all that and a bag of pommes frites but assumed that age would temper that a bit. Not the case, it appears. While JCVD might feature a humbled action star, it appears that the real life man still thinks it's MTV Spring Break circa 1989. But does his roundhouse kick still compare to Chuck Norris'?

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