Miley Cirus Is Humiliated By “Boyfriend”

Miley Cirus Is Humiliated By “Boyfriend”

Justin Gaston humiliates Miley Cyrus as much as Miley humiliates herself.

It's not easy being fifteen. Especially when you're a fifteen-year-old girl incapable of discretion and horribly-plagued by laughter incontinence. Specifically, our sympathies go out to Miley Cyrus

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres on an episode of Ellen that airs tomorrow, the Hannah Montana star burst into laughter at the mention of her alleged 20-year-old boyfriend Justin Gaston. "I giggle about everyone. I'm just a giggler in general." So says the hyena, but she's not yet off the hook. Miley neither confirmed nor denied dating Justin. If her behavior is any indicator of their "friendship" then we're guessing she's smitten.

If age is any indicator of wisdom, Justin Gaston's got the discretion thing down to an art. (We're talking about his love life, not his career as an underwear model). When you're a 20-year old allegedly dating a child–who just so happens to star in one of Disney's most popular tween series–discretion is probably a good skill to have on the books. Speaking of, Celebuzz reports that Justin shot down rumors of dating Miley by coolly dismissing her as a family friend–despite being attached at the hip recently. Poor Miley must feel like an idiot. To add insult to injury, Gaston insinuated he'd love to get closer to a certain older woman, also present at the CMAs: Nicole Kidman. Good luck with that one. 

Check out Miley's laughing fit on Ellen, below:


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