What's On His Mind: Tues, Nov. 18

What's On His Mind: Tues, Nov. 18

What guys think this week: TV or sex? Rockstar or athlete? And, who's Robert Pattinson?

While one man—British actor Robert Pattinson, pictured, who plays vampire heartthrob Edward in the forthcoming Twilight movie—garnered most of today's media attention today, let's check in with the rest of the XY set.

Asylum asks men which of the following they'd rather be: all-star athlete, A-list movie star or Platinum-selling musician. As of post-time, the musician had a slim lead in the pipe dream poll.

New research shows Gardasil, the HPV vaccine targeted at preventing cervical cancer in young women, is 90 percent effective at preventing genital and anal warts in men.

Esquire.com has a nifty list of 24 presents under $20. Check out the ideas for wallet-friendly guy gifts, including vodka, mildew-proof bamboo gym towels and Carma Sutra: The Auto-Erotic Handbook.

A Connecticut man has filed a lawsuit for possession of the $25,000 engagement ring he gave his former fiancee. "In a situation like this an engagement ring is a conditional gift of the marriage, and if the marriage doesn't take place, the man is entitled to get it back," the man's lawyer told the Connecticut Post.

After polling men, the Times of India reports that male gossip is much like the female version. In addition to "venting" about their relationships, the men admit they mostly dish on sex and the female figure. Shocking.

And, YourTango's Tomfoolery blogger Tom Miller asks which came first: Bad sex or good TV? Think on that.

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