Mindy McCready Still Talking Roger Clemens

Mindy McCready Still Talking Roger Clemens

Mindy McCready is ready for her second act, somehow The Rocket is involved.

You know who Mindy McCready is? Yeah, she was 1 of those youngster country singers (like LeeAnn Rimes) who bumped into substance abuse problems (like Johnny Cash) and then had serious legal problems (like Merle Haggard). Anywho, Mindy McCready's career is best known for the album Ten Thousand Angels and the jam "Guys Do It All The Time." And since this is American life, she is demanding a second act (which is likely a 5th or 6th act).

And that second act is coming via a new album, documentary and reality show. But the keystone of this revitalization appears to be Roger Clemens' name. According to E! Online, McCready is bringing up the former pitcher in interviews sometimes contradicting things she had said in the past. The big issue appears to circle the reasons for ending the relationship. She says (now) that she wanted The Rocket to marry her and leave his wife (except in the opposite order). Whereas previously she said she had no interest in marrying Roger Clemens.

Clemens maintains that he's never done anything physical with the singer though she says that it did but not until they'd known each other for several years (they met when she was 16). McCready, for her part, continues to apologize for what she's put his family through. We're not sure what to believe. It looks like McCready was drug-addled through some of her relationship with Roger Clemens but he's lost some credibility over the years. He did throw wife Debbie under the bus during the questioning regarding his involvement in baseball's steroid problem. But he did, apparently, bail McCready out of trouble several times in the last decade.

Hmm. We guess it will remain a mystery to us. Keep in mind that The Rocket has faced other allegations of infidelity (once supposedly with the ex-wife of golfer and human keg John Daly) and appears to maintain his innocence against all allegations of wrongdoing (though he did throw that bat at Mike Piazza). No Red Sox fans please. We know how he's hurt ya'll.

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