Charlie O'Connell Ready To Love Again

Charlie O'Connell Ready To Love Again

The Bachelor, Charlie O'Connell, has reunited with Sarah Brice.

According to Celebutopia, Charlie O'Connell is going to give it another time around the block with whatshername (Sarah Brice). You may know Charlie O'Connell from a little show called Sliders. We know, we know, we're talking Sliders 2.0 when Charlie replaced brother Jerry O'Connell. Sure, Rembrandt was still there but it wasn't the same. And that's sort of the most important thing you have to know about Charlie O'Connell; he's a poor man's Jerry O'Connell. Don't get us wrong, here at CelebLove, being called a poor man's Jerry O'Connell is almost a compliment (better than a poor man's Matt Dillon, bro). He's pretty awesome and his Rebecca Romijn (plus twins) accomplishment really vaults him up there for us.

On to younger brother Charlie. Charlie O'Connell met Sarah Brice on a little show called The Bachelor (not the Chris O'Donnell film of the same name). She received the last rose meaning that he either liked her (a lot) or was least irritated by her. We're guessing that it was the latter because their first go at love didn't last too long. We don't have exact figures on the longevity of the relationship but we're guessing it went less than 5 years.

We're glad that Chaz and Sarah Brice are giving it another shot. To date, we believe that almost every romance forged on The Bachelor has failed which leaves the show with an astounding 1 - 11 record (someone correct us if we're wrong). They're like the Bad News Bears before they got Tatum O'Neill to pitch for them. But this mulligan gives the show hope. Maybe people in a controlled and contrived scenario can find semi-fame and puppy love. Good to know.

Speaking of success on The Bachelor, evidently Mary Delgado is in trouble again. She got picked up by Johnnie Law last year for punching her Bachelor boyf (Byron Velvick) in the face and has, according to RealityTVWorld, taken another overnight trip to the pokey for drunken shenanigans. These 2 are the only contestants from the show to not breakup to date and plan on marrying soon. Although 2 arrests in 13 months don't say much for stability. On the other hand, we haven't seen such a cute mug shot since those 2 cheerleaders got pinched for fooling around in that bathroom stall.

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