Madonna Teaches Britney Marriage Secrets

Madonna Teaches Britney Marriage Secrets

Madonna tells Britney Spears to forget about remarriage.

According to Entertainmentwise, Madonna had some sage advice for Britney Spears regarding getting remarrying: don't. The Material Girl didn't need to imply the second part which we assume goes something like, but if you do get married don't marry a cool film director. And if you do marry a cool dude film director make sure not to take on a vanity project that he’ll likely hold against you for the remainder of your life. Maybe Britney will listen to reason, if not expect Brett Ratner to make a creative re-envisioning of The Remains Of The Day.

The genesis of this pisser advice was a question from Britney regarding Madonna's likelihood of remarrying. The Material Girl said NFW and told lil Ms. Spears that marriage doesn't suit girls like them. What a total cop-out, but we're allowed to believe whatever we can convince ourselves is true. I can't be me; it MUST be you.

Not to sound misogynistic but isn't it possible that these skirts just need a strong guy? Not to imply that Guy Ritchie and K-Fed are pushovers, but they're hardly heavyweights. Maybe "girls like" Madonna and Britney could use a guy with a similar level of accomplishment and ego. We hear that Kanye's on the prowl. Or they could just find nice, smart guys who are just happy to be there. We call this the Christina Aguilera Stratagem.

Whilst Madonna is chatting up Britney Spears on the finer points of spouse husbandry, A-Rod's out and about without supervision. According to Digital Spy, the slugger was seen hanging out with Kate Hudson during a Mariah Carey concert for the opening of Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida. Word on the street is that Kate Hudson was hugging up on Alex Rodriguez and demanded his attention the whole evening. "Oh, get a room, you two," is the appropriate joke to make a hotel opening. Let's hope, for her sake, that there's some good explanation for this. Have you seen how cut-up Madonna is? She'll coldcock ya. She'll dot yer eye. She'll serve ya a knuckle sandwich with sixer of whoop ass to wash it down.

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