Find Your Perfect Match Here

Find Your Perfect Match Here

PerfectMatch.com: Online dating site review.

True or false: I've never regretted putting all my feelings on the line and making myself vulnerable.

I can't help it: I finish people's sentences for them more than occasionally.

I have certain ways that I enjoy being intimate. Once my partner and I learn how to please each other, I'm content not to experiment further.

I like things done a certain way. I'd rather do something myself than let a partner do it their way and have it done incorrectly (or not the way I wanted).

If I am in a relationship, unless there is obvious information to the contrary, I feel secure and loved.

If I feel loving, I'm very passionate and all over the person I want. I don't moderate my romantic and sexual emotions.

I frequently need alone time. If I don't get it, I can feel trapped or anxious.

These questions (and about a million more) are part of the personality test used by members of PerfectMatch.com, an online dating and relationship service that derives "perfect matches" based on similar and complimentary factors. In addition to the questions posed above, the initial analysis includes questions on literature, music, sense of humor, approach to money, romantic gestures and pet preferences to seemingly provide for more perfect matching. It is clear from the thorough assessment that the site caters to those seeking serious relationships, so seekers of one-night stands would fare better elsewhere.

Each member receives a love and compatibility classification called a Duet Type, comprised of similarity factors (romantic impulsivity, personal energy, outlook and predictability) and complementary factors (flexibility, decision-making style, emotionality and self-nurturing). A member's Duet information is showcased in a five-tab profile which includes open ended questions and photos.

PerfectMatch provides matches based on member's Duet information. Users can also use their own judgment to search through over four million active profiles using compatibility factors, keywords or custom (savable) searches. One helpful feature on the site is the bookmarking application which lets members organize people members they have contacted with notes for future reference.

Premium members pay $59.95/month (or as little as $28.95/month for six) to access the search tools, contact other members using e-mail and icebreaker questions and upload extra pictures. Non-paying members take get their Duet Analysis, post a profile, receive matches and access most content, which is primarily comprised of advice from Dr. Pepper Schwartz, who is responsible for the site's matching system. One article: "Seven Billion Reasons to Find Love Now." Start counting!