Michael J Fox Has Advice For Ryan Reynolds

Michael J Fox Has Advice For Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds really has it all figured out.

People just loves actor Ryan Reynolds. Outside of being ha-ha funny, good-looking and buff, the Canadian also has a gorgeous wife in Scarlett Johansson. If that wasn't enough reason to hate the player and the game, Double R is also generous; he ran the New York marathon for Parkinson's. Sure his dad has Parkinson's but most of us would consider it a sacrifice just to pick up Parkinson's medication from the pharmacy… in a car… while we were already out running errands. And this jerk runs 26.2 miles for it. What a jerk, right?

Then he goes on Rachael Ray's (whoa, Rachael Ray is another Double R) show and gets some lessons in easy cooking and makes jokes about bleeding and third nipples.

On top of all that, he's befriended Michael J. Fox because of their mutual interest (one of them by necessity) in Parkinson's. We'd run at least 13.1 miles if we thought it would help us to meet Alex P. Keaton. We've got some ideas for a sequel for The Secret To My Succe$s. We'd even run 6.55 miles to hang out with Fox's Spin City successor Charlie Sheen. We don't have any projects for him, we just would like to see a force of nature in action. Double R even got newlywed advice from Michael J. Fox, "If a man says something in the forest and his wife isn't there to hear him, he's still wrong."

Sure, it's terrible advice but it's folksy and endearing. You don't give love advice to someone you don't like, irrespective of how sincere or Cosby-ian it is. You got it all figured out, Ryan Reynolds. Congratulations, we're going to go back to eating our bitter salt soup... in the corner... by ourselves. We'll be fine. No need to run around Manhattan for us. Or tell us something insightful like, "Women: you can't live with 'em and you can't leave the toilet seat up without getting yelled at."

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