Enjoy Your Favorite Sex Bloggers All Year Long

Enjoy Your Favorite Sex Bloggers All Year Long

Hang saucy sex bloggers on the wall with the 2009 Sex Blogger calender. Stocking stuffer, anyone?

I can't think of a better way to spend the month of May than gazing at a bare-backed Rachel Kramer Bussel (author of lustylady.blogspot, editor of Spanked: Red-Cheeked Erotica, and Dirty Girls: Erotica For Women) wondering who may have left the red-smacked hand print on her right butt cheek.

Time to shelve the puppies, kittens, and horsies, people. Make room for the New York City Sex Bloggers 2009 Calender. Shot at New York City's famed burlesque bar, The Slipper Room, the twelve burlesque-clad sex bloggers give us their game faces and make everyday in 2009 just that much more sizzlin'.

But with these literary ladies, it's never just dirty talk. It's dirty talk with a brainy purpose. All the proceeds from the sales of the calender will go toward Sex Workers Awareness, a non-profit dedicated toward raising money and championing the rights of sex workers. 

Blogging is notoriously isolating, but these 12 ladies have managed to break through the glare of their laptop screen to become mini-sex educators, therapists, and entertainers. March's cover girl, Twanna A. Hines aka  Funky Brown Chick, was one of our blogger crushes, Rachel Kramer Bussel has wrote for us about her own experience with sex workers, and many of you have read the tasty tid bits by September's Lux Alptraum who is the editor at Fleshbot and Boinkology. 

Bonus: If any of you readers live in New York City come to the 2009 Sex Blogger Limited Edition Calender Launch Party this Friday (Nov. 14) at The White Rabbit, 145 E. Houston St., between Eldridge and Forsythe Sts.

Here is the complete list of ladies and their blogs who will usher in the changing months and seasons of 2009:

January: Mariella Ella, http://wannaplaymariella.blogspot.com/

February: Tess, http://nyc-urban-gypsy.blogspot.com/

March: Twanna A. Hines, http://Funkybrownchick.com/

April: Audacia Ray, http://www.wakingvixen.com/

May: Rachel Kramer Bussel, http://lustylady.blogspot.com/

June: Riese, http://marielynbernard.blogspot.com/

July: Jayme Waxman, http://jamyewaxman.com/

August: Sinclair Sexsmith, sugarbutch.net

September: Lux Alptraum, fleshbot.com, boinkology.com

October: Diva, http://debaucheddomesticdiva.blogspot.com/

November: Desiree, http://www.baserinstincts.com/

December: Elizabeth Wood, http://sexinthepublicsquare.org/

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