Cindy McCain Not Cheating

Cindy McCain Not Cheating

The National Enquirer may have broken a scandal about John McCain's wife.

Have you heard the news today? According to the National Enquirer (the terribly reliable Enquirer not your daddy's lie factory, we're being led to believe), Cindy McCain was seen getting lovey with another dude.

Before we go any further, we'd like to state that we hate that the National Enquirer is now a source that we can't completely discount. Damn you, John Edwards' libido. Was that Sarah Palin affair that they alleged ever proved or disproved?

The Senator's wife has been photographed in the company of a man that has been described as a "washed up 80's rock musician." In addition to making time with Axle Hose, it's been alleged that the brewery queen of Arizona was making out with him. Though they refuse to produce any sources who will link John McCain's wife to wannabe Warrant, the Enquirer has insiders who say the 2 lovers have been seen canoodling (that word is just awful) at local sporting events and concerts.

The spectacularly grainy photo does resemble Cindy McCain and a man that can only be described as having a ponytail. An unidentified concertgoer was said to hear the blonde referred to as 'Cindy' and hoped that she and dude would "get a room." Everybody's a comedian.

Wonkette doesn't really have anything to add except a funny about The Bridges Of Madison County and a fairly vicious comments section. Typically they're a little savvier. We're a little surprised that this news wasn't part of an October Surprise considering The Moody Blues concert in question happened in 2006.

The McCain camp had "no comment," naturally. Anyone buying this? We suppose if a war hero can leave his crippled wife for a blonde heiress then we suppose it's possible for the same blonde heiress to leave a former maverick Senator for a Steven Seagal-Keith Caradine amalgam. Or they could have an arrangement. Does this really even matter? Thoughts? Anyone have any actual factuals on this?

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