3 Easy Ways To Avoid Anal Accidents During Solo Masturbation

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How To Avoid Anal Accidents

Those men, always getting themselves into buttloads of trouble. They really should know better.

From a story about a priest who got a potato stuck in his butt from "accidentally" falling backward on it, to a man who used his wife's dildo as a butt plug without telling her, it's clear that some men simply don't know the first thing about anal sex or solo anal masturbation.

But women? Women are much smarter about these things. They do their research before sticking foreign objects in their anuses. And here are three tips to get you started on solo anal play:

  1. Make sure you're relaxed. If you aren't nothing is going to fit up there and will make anal play painful. Remember: anal sex isn't supposed to hurt, so take your time to get into a state of relaxation.
  2. Use lots of lube. Your rear doesn't self-lubricate like your front. Sticking anything up your butt without the proper lubrication is cause for disaster.
  3. Always use a sex toy with a flared base. You don't want any trips to the emergency room, no matter how discreet the doctors are. And keep in mind that if you are using a toy, make sure it's your own.

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