Texas Pastor Wants Married Couples To Screw Daily

Texas Pastor Wants Married Couples To Screw Daily

Rev. Ed Young challenges his church's married couples to turn "whining" into "whoopee!" Amen.

Being a religious leader can sometimes earn a bad rap among hoity, toity, liberal intellectuals. But every once in a while, a man of the cloth will surprise and even tickle, a few left-leaning fancies.


Rev. Ed Young of the Grapevine-based Fellowship Church in Texas (of all places) challenges married couples in his church to have sex once a day for the next seven days. Starting this Sunday.

"Sex is like Super Glue. It's a spiritual thing, and emotional thing." he said. 

Of course, he's talking about monogomous sex amongst a married man and woman. The challenge doesn't extend to the singletons in the audience, which is too bad. That would for sure add a controversial twist to what he views as the beautiful and pure sermon "Leaving Lust Vegas." The talk is set for this Sunday in a 20, 000 seat church, which will be broadcast to churches in downtown Dallas, Plano, Ft. Worth, and Miami.

Young will sit on a bed while he raps about the sexytimes.

Of course, some jealous naysayers think Rev. Ed Young is less the Dr. Ruth of religion and more the Donald Trump---just a master marketer, trying to gain acclaim and attention for his five-church mega ministry. 

Young denies this, saying his sermons are already immensely popular and would never need a tawdry marketing scheme. Rather he'd like to help strengthen and nurture marriages and offer a healthy escape from the the financial market stress.

It's time to turn "whining" into "whoopee," he said.

God bless!